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Why we do what we do…


"We are committed to improving the way people experience work. Unfortunately, too many people tell us they suffer at work. They experience not being valued, not being noticed or just experience managers who say they care but do not walk the talk. We believe that when people thrive they can perform at their best and life balance improves, so does mental and physical health. We are committed to supporting organisations and leaders transform the way people experience work in a positive way. In turn, business and people flourish"




What do you do?


ACN is a Management Consultancy offering a range of services focused around supporting our clients to develop High Performing Teams and build Resilient Cultures. Our consulting network brings together some of the most respected people in Australia known for building and transforming culture. ACN is focused on bringing the best culture building practices to our engagements.   


When people are  understood,  aligned  and getting the results they are striving for, life can  be  inspiring!  We are  committed to bring  clarity  to complex situations and work to unlock the natural creativity that  exists in all individuals and teams, once they experience authentic leadership. 


The successful design and application of our programmes have resulted in the following outcomes; 


  • Achieving unprecedented improvement in performance 

  • Implementing critical strategies that required cultural change, new mindsets and behaviours 

  • Developing a leadership culture of accountability, commitment and effective action at all levels of an organisation 

  • Managing transition through organisation change and implementation of new operating models 

  • Aligning senior management teams 

  • Exceptional delivery of large-scale, complex projects 

  • Turning around projects that are off track 

  • Building and developing a sustainable leadership capability