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Our network brings together a team of experienced consultants who have worked globally with some of the largest and most complex organisations, operational teams, projects and cultures.

We are specialised in our respective fields with qualifications spanning across health and safety, project management, training, compliance and risk auditing and many more.

Our team are trusted advisors to executives, project teams, managers and supervisors helping to build strategic plans, execute change through training, practical procedures and systems and resolve issues as they arise. We help and guide where necessary, report and monitor to transform organisational cultures and behaviours. 

Our consulting team has between them, over 100 years of expertise. This covers many areas, including leadership development and coaching, project improvement and risk management, team performance, productivity, health and well-being.

Find out more about our people through the profiles below.



Steve is a Founder and Director of ACN. Steve’s passion for making a difference in organisations and projects has long been a hallmark of his work.

Steve builds strong relationships with his client teams, which become the foundation of their work together and the results that follow.



Sarah believes that Communication and creativity are the heart of every cohesive organisation and business.

Sarah guides senior decision makers in creating collaboration to collectively deliver the desired outcomes.



 From Olympic and world champion athletes, to pioneering entrepreneurs, social enterprise leaders and senior leaders of some of the planet’s largest and most complex organisations and projects, Chip Richards is a globally sought-after mentor, coach and facilitator of human potential.

Olympic and Leadership Coach, best-selling author, speaker, facilitator of possibility.



Rick has been dedicated to the continual innovation of high impact practices that support people in organisations to address intractable problems.

Rick is an organisational psychologist with expertise in personal and organisational transformation, leadership development, ontological design, strategy, assessment and diagnostics, and executive coaching.


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Janine Lee is the Director of Domestic Violence Business Solutions, a business for good helping reduce Domestic Violence harm in the workplace and at home.

Janine is now on a mission to share her knowledge and innovative people safety solutions based on her 25 years of ‘on the ground’ experience to reduce Domestic Violence harm and risk in the workplace.




Experienced Principal Consultant and Psychologist with a demonstrated history of working in the managementconsulting industry.

Miles has strong professional skilled in Behavioural Change, Organisational Development, Performance Improvement, Culture Change, and Psychometrics. 



Melanie is a creative proffessional with a background in apparel design.  Her creative flair has migrated to graphics in both print and digital platforms. 

Her time management and organisational skills are a great asset, working with the ACN Network.

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Stuart is a Founder and MD of ACN. Stuart has a unique and varied background having worked in industries such as aviation, logistics, policing, manufacturing, sales and marketing, professional sport and consulting.

Stuart has a great passion for people and helping them to make a positive and real difference in both their own lives and those of others with whom they interact and influence.



As the founder of Bullyology, Jessica is known globally as ‘The Bullyologist’. 

 In recent years Jessica has had a focus on construction and Oil & Gas (O&G) projects. 

Jessica is known for her work creating an improved workplace culture winning multiple industry awards.



Rami works to empower managers, individuals and organisations with the knowledge and skills needed to lead cultural change and cause breakthrough in business performance. 

Allign the organization on a common objective (mission & purpose) that encompasses the business shared values. Establish clarity whether there is an adequate fit between the purpose and the internal structure(s). 



Colin has worked with a global management consultancy with proven expertise in enterprise transformation, safety culture and leadership and integral strategic implementation.

Colin has helped clients address tough business challenges by aligning people on meaningful goals and generating leadership that inspires and mobilises them to take appropriate action.



Highly accomplished and engaging leader with domestic and international experience in oil and gas (O&G) and pharmaceutical industries.

Proven capabilities in driving diverse, large and challenging projects, and cross-functional and multi-cultural teams to extraordinary performance in fast-paced, high-pressure environments. 



A management consultant with over 20 years of experience as an executive and management advisor specializing in translating strategies into implemented realities.

Linda has worked extensively in the design of work in response to economic, social, and environmental changes. She focuses on removing the barriers that prevent decision-making, efficient design of major operational and support functions.

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Emma empowers businesses to take the first steps to building a mentally healthy workplace though accredited, engaging and user-friendly workshops and talks, both face-to-face in Australia and online internationally.

Emma is passionate about enabling others to find a way to grow and thrive, not ‘in spite of’, but due to our challenges - we’re more capable and courageous than we might think, we just need the right guidance, emotional intelligence and tools to hand.

The Strength of our network comes from the impact they have had within many organisations across the globe. Here is a selection of organisations that our Network has on their CV
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Since Covid19, we have seen the way we work change dramatically. From travelling to  visit clients face to face, we ourselves have overcome our own challenge to continue to deliver our work, wherever our clients may be.

This has been through our people and also partnering with like minded companies who have tools to enable us. Together we can provide a comprehensive solution for Process, Culture, Business Management, Financial Systems, and Safety Compliance. We will bring the very best in the market to match your needs making your work easier and more straight forward.


Thanks to our partners for working with us, towards our vision of helping more people and companies overcome challenges.

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Technical Safety, Compliance and Training


Building Bullying Awareness Training and keynote speaking

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Working with health and care industry from safety and performance perspective.

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People Performance Management, Organisational Design, HR Process and Management Development


Cost Modelling, Savings Analysis, Expenditure data cleansing, Operational Reporting, Procurement Transformation, Tender management, Compliance reporting

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Neuroscience based learning software development to enable remote learning.

"We collaborate so we can bring the best solutions to the table"