A successful change programme relies on consensus following a process of better understanding the compelling reason to change.  When leaders consider the range of options and express their individual views on the path forward we turn individual ideas into a powerful alliance. This takes skilful conversations and skilful facilitation.

Once we have co-designed your individual road map, we can go to work. Using our world-class Neuroscience based learning and development tool we begin to harness the collective wisdom in the organisation, spread new and best practice across teams.  We also have the ability to reach every corner of your organisation.

This work naturally flows into work-streams, actions and ownership. This can be particularly valuable for projects where there is a range of organisations and sub-contractors. Other key factors we focus on include;

  • When leadership deeply understands the current what’s so and are owners of the strategy to move forward

  • Change champions are supported and coached

  • Early adopters are supported and early wins communicated and become' learning nuggets' 

  • Leaders facilitate and coach others to perform at a higher level

  • A top-down and bottom-up approach to change

  • Focus on creating a positive work environment free of psychological harm 

  • Workers are the solution

  • We build on the work of Wilbur, Heifitz, Scharmer, Kotter 

  • People thrive, people succeed and organisations flourish 

Regardless of your issue, size or location, we are happy to speak and explore how we can help. These are some of the benefits of working with ACN;-

  • Purpose designed packages that meet your exact needs

  • Remote options for running sessions that minimise travel and expenses

  • Light touch options that minimise downtime without compromising impact

  • Solutions that are tailored for your budget

We deliver the programme using our world-class Neuroscience based learning and development platform and we use a mixed-mode delivery approach. This keeps your teams where you need them, significantly reduces cost without diminishing any of the impact of face to face workshops.

"It is very easy to make assumptions that we are on the same page. Once we had our alignment workshop we became one team and with clear priorities"

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