One of our design goals has been to address the limitations of workshop-style delivery methods. Our clients tell us that the 'lack of scalability' and 'costs' are a real barrier to any safety or change programme.

We have partnered with one of the best Neuroscience based learning technology providers so we have the best platform. We then design, build and deliver impactful learning in areas such as onboarding, Front Line Leadership, work skills, safety and many others.


This approach is now at the heart of our learning and development methodology and we see amazing results. 

Advantages of our process include:​

  • Cohort focus to ensure the best outcomes for participants as they can share knowledge and experiences and learn together

  • Specific and relevant learning material 

  • Multi-Modal delivery including on-line, webinar and so forth

  • Knowledge gathering from best performers so you can create quality content

  • Neuroscience based learning delivery platform 

  • Senior leadership are part of the programme to support learners

We deliver the programme using our world-class Neuroscience based learning and development platform and we use a mixed-mode delivery approach. This keeps your teams where you need them, significantly reduces cost without diminishing any of the impact of face to face workshops.

"So many online learning materials feel like they are just ticking the box. This is so different. I felt engaged from the start and with the mixture of materials, group learning avents and coaching I feel very supported in my learning journey"