WeCareTM is the ACN Safety Leadership programme. 

The first stage in our work is to support senior leaders to become organised to succeed in work ahead. With our project management approach, we align on several key gateways by which we assess if we are ready before jumping into the next key phase. This ensures the best possible outcomes can be accomplished before we go to work.


The focus of the programme includes; 

  • Shifting perceptions and relationship from preventing things from going wrong to causing more to go right.

  • Lead from integrity and example to facilitate others to follow

  • Operations own safety and HSE support safe production or service provision

  • Team members operate in a positive work environment free of bullying of psychological harm 

  • Quiet voices are heard and valued

  • Safety becomes the means of production or how we provide our services

  • Systems and processed are a lighter touch

  • People become skilful and navigating risk

The context for the ‘compelling reason to act’ is often powerfully linked to building a culture free of harm and where people experience being treated with dignity and respect. This first phase focuses on designing the ‘road map’ together,

Our programme includes these three steps;

  1. Build a shared understanding of ‘current operating state’

  2. Align on the gap and critical areas of focus

  3. Align on our shared vision and commitment for the success of the programme

Each programme is tailored to your business, talk to us and we can share with you what packages are available in the ACN WeCareTM Programme. 

We deliver the programme using our world-class Neuroscience based learning and development platform and we use a mixed-mode delivery approach. This keeps your teams where you need them, significantly reduces cost without diminishing any of the impact of face to face workshops.

"We want our business to do well but we seem to be held back by the past. Working with these guys helped us navigate some very tricky conversations and take actions that helped us change how we all worked together"

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