We like to understand  how things are for our clients, especially during such a challenging time as we've seen in 2020. We have created a survey to help us understand the bigger picture. 


Before completing, please take a few moments to take a look at the approach and services that ACN offers.

Most consultancies focus on getting in, creating a report and get you to carry out the recommendations.  When it comes to people, culture and change, this approach can often leave behind an unpleasant taste and erode trust. 


Research shows us that we are designed to resist change, this is why change is often experienced as painful. Our approach is values and results focused. We find that when we engage people and they feel part of the change programme, they can often get behind it and even become champions.


This is why we say we are different, this is who we are.

ACN is a Management Consultancy offering a range of services focused around supporting our clients to develop High Performing Teams and build Resilient Cultures. Our consulting network brings together some of the most respected people in Australia known for building and transforming culture. ACN is focused on bringing the best culture building practices to our engagements.   


When people are  understood,  aligned  and getting the results they are striving for, life can  be  inspiring!  We are  committed to bring  clarity  to complex situations and work to unlock the natural creativity that  exists in all individuals and teams, once they experience authentic leadership. 


We have the capability to facilitate realtime workshops and learning sessions remotely. Building our capability in this area has accelerated as a direct result of Covid-19. Like many businesses, we are seeking to rapidly evolve through the current situation.

How we can better serve and support our potential clients?

Thank you for taking the survey.

The ACN Team

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