ACN Training

Giving a Lecture

Our team has many years of industry and commerce experience. ACN offers a range of training solutions to support building capability in your teams. From front line workers, supervisors and managers we have the right solution for you.  We can build and deliver training solutions through ACN in many areas, including;

  • Dealing with and overcoming Bullying  

  • Supervisors accountabilities for psychological and physical well being

  • A range of HSE training solutions

    • Risk Assessment​

    • Running and engaging people through toolbox and pre-start talks

    • Safety Systems Auditing

  • Designing presentation material

  • Facilitation of online polls and surveys

  • Running Effective Meetings

  • Effective Project Management

  • A range of Mental Health Packages

  • Standing and speaking to a large number of people can be daunting. We also run training sessions to help your managers and trainers build and develop as great presenters and speakers. 

Regardless of your issue, size or location, we are happy to speak and explore how we can help. These are some of the benefits of working with ACN;-

  • Purpose designed packages that meet your exact needs

  • Remote options for running sessions that minimise travel and expenses

  • Light touch options that minimise downtime without compromising impact

  • Solutions that are tailored for your budget

You may be surprised at what we can do to help!

"ACN has brilliant facilitation skills and helped us navigate some very challenging workshops without causing confrontation. The outcomes included a better understanding of contractor challenges and we were able to better support them instead of just blaming them "

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