ACN Mentoring 

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If you are interested in our mentoring programmes, please contact us directly.

ACN are planning to run several programmes a year in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Our programme is based on bringing the best leadership and management experience to the up and coming leaders of the future. If you desire to share your experience as a seasoned leader or a high potential leader of the future, let us know and we can talk.

Call +61 448012995


Regardless of your issue, size or location, we are happy to speak and explore how we can help. These are some of the benefits of working with ACN;-

  • Purpose designed packages that meet your exact needs

  • Remote options for running sessions that minimise travel and expenses

  • Light touch options that minimise downtime without compromising impact

  • Solutions that are tailored for your budget

You may be surprised at what we can do to help!

"Giving back is the best thing you can do, I often find myself learning too which is just great"