The successful design and application of our engagements have resulted in great outcomes. 
Behavioural Change
Users report that 90-98% of learners, demonstrated that they shifted desired attitudes and behaviours to match the best performers.
Financial Impact
Average 20 times initial investment 
Largest Indian Company
Won major people development award. They also measured ROI of 1000%
Major Auto Parts Chain
Achieved over 39 times the return on their initial investment 
Technology Company.
Saved $50 M in inventory cost and turned around a major transformation that involved SAP. The project was heading for failure and was not being adopted by the 400 strong global team. After the Programme they saw a 180-degree shift in the project.
Our clients perspective...

When we asked for feedback from managers and supervisors, this is what they told us.

“If you don’t get at least a ROI of 300%, you are not making the most of working with these guys.”