Are you just ticking a box when it comes to training?

Updated: Jan 27

After spending many years as a Training and Development professional, I still wonder why so many organisations seem to miss the mark when it comes to developing their people? Here are a few thoughts that might help if you are about to embark on building capability in your organisation and a few tips from an old dog.

Motivation is everything

Why should people engage in a training programme? I mean, what’s in it for them?

Today we have a new challenge since many of our teams are working remotely, training and learning is being conducted online which presents even more issues in how to make it effective.

Much has been written about self-directed learning, online content and how hard it is to generate impact through this medium. Yet, it still goes on. There is so much that can be done to provide a great learning experience through a mixed mode approach.

This seems to work well.

1. Ensure learners are engaged from the start of the process.

a. What do they feel they need?