HR specialists seeking to build internal consulting capability.

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

When HR teams are seeking to build capability, when skills are they seeking?

This is an extract from the AHRI promoting training for consulting skills for HR people.

... Organisations are experiencing unprecedented levels of change in an uncertain economic environment. Competitors are global and becoming more aggressive, markets are changing, customers are more demanding and regulation and compliance requirements are increasing. This has a profound impact on the way in which HR practitioners consult with their business partners within the organisation to deliver people management solutions that drive business performance. HR roles have expanded and evolved to meet the increasing demands of their organisations.

In practice, HR professionals are now also expected to be ‘internal consultants’ to line managers and senior managers. This program explores the skills, tools and frameworks that HR professionals require to effectively embrace internal consulting.


This course suits HR professionals wanting to move from a transactional role into a business partnering model to become effective internal consultants.

Learning outcomes

Following the training you will be able to:

  • Adopt an internal consulting approach to business issues and stakeholders

  • Develop credibility through effective partnering to address business challenges

  • Implement the four stages of effective consulting

  • Use consulting frameworks, tools and techniques to diagnose issues and develop solutions that stakeholders ‘own’

  • Operate with increased confidence and professionalism to achieve business outcomes


How can we better partner with HR so we empower them to better partner with us?

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