’Tick a box’ good enough? Until it all goes wrong...

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

A Brisbane court recently issued convictions to the Board of Directors following a fatality. The impact of this is going to be huge. “How do I exercise my obligations beyond ticking the box". This impacts all BOD's regardless of the size of your company.

Todd Dewey, Audit Associate Partner and ACN team member, summarises this challenge in his article below. He provides valuable insights into the latest responsibilities of Director. We continue to see a gap between a compliance mindset and leaders walking the talk of vision and values. He explores why the ’tick a box’ mindset is insufficient and workers need leaders they can trust. Authentic and caring leaders are even more important in 2020.

This is at the core of our work at ACN. We work with leaders who are on their own journey as they step into what is next on their development edge. Directors and CEO's who go beyond ticking the box will be the employers of choice as we come out of COVID-19.

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