WeCareTM is the ACN Culture building programme. 

Our initial step is to build relationship with the management team, learn about the current culture and get a sense of where people's perceptions are today. We will have conversations with a range of people and organise what we learn into a feedback and alignment session. 

Our conversations will look through the following four lenses;

  •     Individual beliefs and commitments

  •     Personal behaviour and actions

  •     Culture

  •     Systems and process

Our topic’s usually include;

  •     Business Progress

  •     Safety Performance

  •     Leadership and Management 

  •     Business Priorities

  •     Engagement and values

The context for the ‘compelling reason to act’ is often powerfully linked to building a culture free of harm and where people experience being treated with dignity and respect.


It’s important that we work  together, so we have an aligned view that is connected deeply with the values of leaders.


This first phase focuses on designing the ‘road map’ together,

Our programme includes these three steps;

  1. Build a shared understanding of ‘what’s so’

  2. Align on the gap and critical areas of focus

  3. Align on our shared vision and commitment for success of your programme

Each programme is tailored to your business, talk to us and we can share with you what packages are available in the ACN WeCareTM Programme. 

"We want our business to do well but we seem to be held back by the past. Working with these guys helped us navigate some very tricky conversations and take actions that helped us change how we all worked together"